We created a unique recipe of the healthiest and tastiest food together with European nutritionists, and trusted production of these foods to our partners – production plants in Belgium and the Czech Republic: United Petfood and VAFO PRAHA.

The pet’s health is the business philosophy of these production plants. Every day, they receive direct deliveries of farm-raised meat produced from animals grown in the Alpine region. To produce food, they use deboned meat or fish. No soy or products containing GMOs are used in their production process.

United Petfood


United Petfood, one of the most technologically advanced producers of dry pet food in the world, is located in Belgium.

This company continuously invests in itself to improve its production formulas and capacities. Their production process includes the strictest food quality and safety control systems. All their production facilities have own laboratories that check not just the entire raw materials used in food production but also the finished foods or a certain element of food, thus achieving the highest quality.

This is a world-renowned production plant that designs super premium and holistic recipes. Its main values include proven expertise, innovative technology, guaranteed digestion and environmental responsibility.

The plant uses the strictest food quality and safety control systems, for example, identification of metals in food and food analysis. All its production facilities have own laboratories that check not just the entire raw materials used in food production but also the finished foods or a certain element of food.

United Petfood guarantees the quality of every kilogram of food they produce. The company’s highly-skilled dieticians develop recipes according to the approved “principle of good food”. It means that when working on every new recipe, dieticians focus their attention on the taste of food, its digestibility and ability to supply the animal’s health with a full complex of the necessary elements.

Terdonkkaai 16, 9042 Gent, BELGIUM.



VAFO PRAHA – is an experienced Czech producer. The company produces foods of premium and super premium class. For over 20 years, this company has been an authoritative producer in the European market, presently exporting its products to 70 countries of the world.

The fact that this company was founded by a family who implanted their family and human values in the company’s business played not the least role in VAFO Praha’s development as a European leader. The absolute unacceptance of cruel treatment of animals, the abandonment of testing and the use of only healthy and safe ingredients are the cornerstone of the company’s business laying at the core of every pet food.

The pet’s health is the topmost priority for every employee. VAFO PRAHA's production process is ISO 9001- and HACCP-certified. Its foods do not contain soy, harmful ingredients or GMOs. Their premium and super premium products are made from fresh poultry meat and fish, and are fully deboned. Only fresh meat and superfoods, and only the highest quality!


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