Urinary tract health

Kidney problems are one of the most common problems of owners of cats and cats over a year old. If it is not possible to influence heredity, then prevention should be guaranteed to healthy pets.

CRANBERRY is part of all dry food and pastes for cats. It acidifies the urine, making the environment unfavorable for the formation of sand in the urinary tract.

For animals that drink little water during the day, PATES should be added to the diet – this is dangerous, because the concentration of urine increases and there is a risk of changing the pH again. The combination of Savory dry and wet rations for cats will ensure reliable prevention of urinary tract problems in healthy pets.


Reliable joint support

Chondroprotectors only in rations for large breeds of dogs or medicinal feed – AN OLD VIEW ON NUTRITION.

Maintaining mobility is important for cats and dogs alike.

THERE ARE ALSO COUNTLESS RISK GROUPS apartment dogs with limited exercise, pets with excess weight (when we scratch their sides, we can no longer feel their ribs at all), loose breeds (when muscle mass significantly outweighs bone mass, such as mastiffs, Newfoundlands), fragile breeds (toy terriers, all greyhounds), breeds with an elongated body (dogs like dachshunds, corgis, and cats like munchkins), miniature or giant breeds of dogs, those that are less than 1.5 or more than 50 kg.

Savory dry food for cats and dogs, regardless of age and breed size, is enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin, which take care of the strength and health of cartilage and joints.



SUPERFOODs are an indispensable component of the concept of healthy nutrition for pets. Exclusively organic components – seeds, berries, fruits, herbs, which have many useful properties from antimicrobial and antifungal action to a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamin C.

– They are well absorbed even by small and old pets
– Strengthen each other’s action
– Unlike medicinal forms, they have no contraindications, side effects and are suitable for everyone


Triple immunity protection

TRIPLE IMMUNE PROTECTION is a powerful combination of three valuable components that work comprehensively.

PROBIOTICS are live bacteria inhabiting the intestines, 70% of all immunity depends on them.

PREBIOTICS – food, nutrient medium for previous workers. If the pet suffers from periodic disorders, often changes feed, then many probiotics are washed out, because it cannot live in a bad environment. So prebiotics help not only restore digestion, but also immunity.

MINERALS – namely, the well-known montmorillonite – a clay mineral that absorbs toxins and decay products in the intestines. Also, the high concentration of minerals in fresh meat strengthens the very important cellular immunity – to respond to irritants that did manage to penetrate the pet’s body.

Triple strengthening of the body’s defenses in all Savory dry diets for cats and dogs


High nutrition and attractiveness

FRESH MEAT as part of dry food for cats and dogs has many advantages for you and your pets:
– Due to the fact that the raw material cannot be dried, the meat completely preserves its original structure
– The full range of benefits, vitamins, macro- and microelements is preserved
– The original taste and aroma are preserved – that’s why pets are delighted with Savory, and ask for more
– No artificial dyes, flavor or aroma enhancers, it’s all fresh meat
– Due to the high nutritional value, the daily amount of feed for a pet is smaller than analogues, and the benefits are higher